Using effective web design to win with your clientele.

Customers expect to find all the information they desire before they make the first contact with a merchant or service provider. If you have succeeded in attracting a potential, existing customer, or client to your web site, it is your responsibility to keep them at the web site until their information needs are satisfied. If you don’t provide them with best experience possible they will go elsewhere, and that is no ones fault but your own.  The marketplace today requires you to use the web as a tool in order to succeed.  No longer will just a static web site fill the needs of the consumer, but an effective web portal will give you the ability to convey your services and fulfill your customers or clients expectations. With products like WordPress and its many plug-ins and built in features, even a small business or professional with limited resources can provide their customers or clients with the same level of information and service as a large well funded organization.

There are six key areas of the web portal to consider during the process of evaluating your needs and the way this information is presented to the customer or client;

  1. How to display your information and message in a clear and precise format.
  2. How to display your products or services so they are easy to understand.
  3. How to build trust so that the customer or client is satisfied with their choice in you.
  4. How to communicate with the customer or client, so that they feels you are attentive to their needs.
  5. How to effectively close the sale.
  6. How to keep the customer after the sale.

Here is a partial list of some effective tools and considerations to use in this process.

  • Well thought out text presentations. (The right font, the correct size type, the correct colors, etc.)
  • What type of graphic will I need to convey my message.
  • Will streaming media add or take from my message.
  • Does my products or service merit customer endorsements.
  • Does my product or service merit a client portfolio.
  • Do I belong to trade or professional organizations that will make me stand out.
  • Do my products merit special attention like online catalogs, specification sheets, or other detailed product information.
  • Do I need to provide before sales contacts, FAQ’s, Live Chat, or submission forms.
  • Do I need E-Commerce.
  • What will I need for order processing; Order Tracking, Support Forms, FAQ’s, Service Ticketing System, Telephone, EMail, etc.
  • What will I need to continue my communications with past customers or clients; Email List, Newsletters, Social Media, Customer Forums, etc.

Your web portal today is as important as your location was a few years ago. Investing on a well planned web portal can pay off for years to come if it is designed and maintained with the users goals in mind.

USIPP.Net wants to be your technology partner in the planning and implementation of your web portal. We offer services ranging from consulting to development and project management. So no matter if you are wanting to build your web portal yourself and need a place to turn if problems arise,  or looking for a turn key business solution, we offer services all along the way.  Our small professional developed web portals start as low as $1500.00.

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